The Great Python Scavenger Hunt race 

The Great Python Scavenger Hunt will be held on November 19, 2016, the day after the PyCon Jamaica 2016 technology conference. See if you can find and follow the clues located around the Hope Zoo, have fun posting selfies and completing challenges. The first team to complete the hunt will be declared the winner!

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How it works

The race is for teams of two (if you are coming as a team you're encouraged to come dressed in matching gear or costumes of your choice). The teams work to solve 11 out of the 12 clues located somewhere around the Zoo, some clues are associated with a unique challenges. The first team to return to complete the set amount of tasks wins. 

Send your staff to the Scavenger Hunt

We think this is a great family friendly event that will give your staff members a break from the 9 to 5. Here are a few reasons to participate: 

  • Team-building - There's no better way to foster invaluable team spirit than a little bit of goal driven friendly competition.
  • Support Hope Zoo - part proceeds go to the Zoo
  • Fun - Well it is

How do I sign up?

Use our registration form, make sure to specify "Scavenger Hunt ONLY".

If you paid for the full PyCon Jamaica conference package your entry to the Scavenger Hunt is included in the package. 

Who's behind this?

The Scavenger hunt is organized by PythonJamaica a meetup for the the Python programming language in Jamaica.

Event Details

Cost: US$10/JMD$1290
Location: Hope Zoo
Date: Nov 19, 2016
arrive at: 9:30 am
ends: 11:30 am